Prophetic Sightlines

Prophetic Sightlines meetings are home groups that meet monthly and follow the new moons of the Hebrew Calendar. Each month groups of 20 people or less meet at host homes and discuss what God has ordained that month's focus to be on. Here you will have time to hear and share testimonies from the prior month, align your heart and anticipate what the new month will bring and have a great time of fun and fellowship with your group. Even though there is a general format that is followed, each Sightlines group has its own unique structure and feel and we encourage you to visit different groups until you find the one you can call yours. 

To be placed in a group, contact Paul Bryan.

Young Moms Group

Young Moms Group meets on the second & fourth Tuesday of each month. The group was designed to create an uplifting environment as we relax, discuss life's challenges and celebrate each other's victories together. Raising children doesn't mean you have less time to love Jesus and we would love to surround you and other mothers with the encouragement and resources you need to succeed every day. There is room for you here as we build community and close friendships during this exciting time of raising our kids!

For more information on how you can get involved contact Juanita Talbott.

GT Ladies Retreat

Ladies Retreat is an annual, Glad Tidings sponsored event typically held in early May. It is 2 nights & 3 days of fun, food, fellowship, worship and spiritual feasting at a scenic resort overlooking beautiful Lake Tahoe! Come join us for a refreshing getaway from the busyness of life while making new friends, enjoying old ones and spending quality time connecting with Father God.

For more information on how you can get involved contact Michelle Edwards.