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Outreach Ministries


trEd Dance

trEd Performing Arts Company utilizes a unique form of athletic movement, original music, and live sound, to deliver a message of breakthrough and freedom. We believe divinely inspired creativity combined with intercession releases the reality of God’s love in a powerful way. We hope to inspire this generation to advance the kingdom of God aggressively as they understand the reality of their identity in Christ. We have traveled extensively across the U.S. and western Europe, including; Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Scotland,  Greece, and Albania, as well as Egypt, releasing this message in festivals, churches and civic theatres. Founded in 2007 by Nate and Leah Nelson in Houston, TX, trEd is now based in Northern California. You can find more information about tred on their website,


Yuba-Sutter Healthy Marriage Project (YSHMP)

The Yuba-Sutter Healthy Marriage Project operates out of GT. We recognize the importance of providing support to couples and families within the geographical area and accomplish this task by providing Biblically based counseling and resources.

Call Bill Jens @ 218-2903 for details.


A Hand Up

We serve as messengers, given the special task of educating and reaching out to the homeless, downtrodden people of our surrounding communities; to reach out in love and help by means of food, blankets, clothing, referrals, encouraging words and by speaking God's plan for people into existence. 

Riverbottom Church, 1297 B Market Street, Yuba City, CA 

Services are every other Saturday throughout the year.

Church Service hours are from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Character First

Character First education offers tools to help each Student build character in the classroom and in every other area of life. Teaching character qualities such as attentiveness, truthfulness, responsibility, plus other character traits, will help make a difference in the lives of young boys and girls. This education is offered in both Yuba and Sutter Counties. 

One caring adult can change a child’s life, which can then affect families for generations to come.  You can be a “life changer.” 

Contact Karen Mullin 671-3160 Ext. 242 for details.


Jail Ministry

Yuba County Jail classes are preparing inmates to change their lives. Class topics include computer keyboard training, substance abuse, rehabilitation, life / parenting  / relationship / job skills, health, relapse prevention, child support and child protective service problems, recovery, mental and sexual abuse, anger management, community resources and the supernatural. 

Contact 530-713-1838 Lou Binninger for details.


Juvenile Hall

You can give your testimony on a Sunday morning or hang out with kids on a Monday Evening. You can do a one-time talk or be a regular participant. You must be at least 18. 

Contact Lou Binninger at 530-713-1838 for details.


Bible Courier Trips

Christians in the persecuted church (China, Vietnam, Laos, and elsewhere) need Bibles. We help get Bibles to them. If you would like to be on a team to deliver Bibles, then contact Lou Binninger at 530-713-1838.


Black Hmong Adoption

In July 2008 we adopted an unreached people group of 1.5 million people - The Black Hmong of Southern China and North Vietnam. They had no churches. A Black Hmong Support Network was developed to provide financial support for radio broadcasts, Bible translation and missionary support. Currently a Bible translation has been produced with 3000 printed and distributed in North Vietnam as a test batch. Churches are forming and other Hmong people are working to locate those of the Black Hmong still unreached. 

Contact Lou Binninger at 530-713-1838 for details.


Bible Printing and Audio Bible Creation

China, Laos and Vietnam forbid the Hmong to have Bibles. We print Bibles 10,000 at a time and distribute them. We also are recording and duplicating audio New Testaments in Vietnam for minority people groups where some cannot read and others cannot see to read due to no health care in rural villages. Note Hmong or Vietnam Minority Bibles on your check. 

Contact Lou Binninger at 530-713-1838 for details.


Tats Off

The tattoo removal program is an outreach ministry for those wanting to eliminate the stigma of a past lifestyle. It’s objective is to make it easier for people to begin a new life, obtain employment, and escape from being negatively and inaccurately stereotyped. The program is made possible by the collaborative efforts of Glad Tidings and local doctors allowing the process to be available at an extremely reduced cost. 

Contact Karen Mullin 671-3160 Ext. 242 for details.


Graffiti Busters

Our team paints over graffiti in Yuba-Sutter Counties. A list is prepared weekly of sites to be addressed. Keeping the cities free of graffiti slows gang activity and stops more serious criminal activity. Paint and supplies are provided. You do not have to be a professional painter. 

Contact Lou Binninger 530-713-1838 for details.


Trauma Intervention Program (TIP)

Trauma Intervention Program provides trained citizens 24/7/365 to emergency scenes in Yuba-Sutter Counties to assist law enforcement, firefighters, ambulance medics and hospital personnel. TIP provides emotional and practical support to those affected by the incident. TIP has an annual training academy in February for those wanting to help. Contact … 530-673-9300 and