Classes held Monday nights 6 - 9 pm

Childcare up to 5th grade provided.

For more information, contact Ed Han.


Program Overview


"To equip the saints for the work of ministry"

Embassy School of Ministry offers a 2 year program of concentrated study and leadership training designed to spiritually equip believers for active service in the local church. Integrating classroom instruction with "hands-on" ministry experience.


We offer a program of study integrating five cores of academic study: Bible Survey, Applied Discipleship, Church Life, Ministry Skills and Leadership Core. Each course will meet for one hour per week for six weeks.


This core is an applied skills program. It requires a minimum of two hours of mentored, on-the-job training each week in one of the ministry arms of the local church.


Each student will memorize 72 selected verses from Scripture plus read and complete a Devotional Workbook on the entire Bible.

Each of these requirements are an integral part of the program of study, therefore a prerequisite for graduation.


As a rule, instruction in Embassy School of Ministry is long on practical application. It is our desire to raise up an army of Christ centered workers who will impact their world for Jesus. Each course at the School of Ministry will concentrate on two aspects of instructional need:

  1. Content: To be "conversant" in different aspects of Christian service, each student will be supplied with a "working knowledge" of the various aspects of ministry.

  2. Application: The Bible Institute is a bottom-line school of ministry training. All instruction will emphasize a "hands-on", practical application of Biblical truths and principles.


Embassy School of Ministry is open to any believer who has a desire to grow in the things of God.

However, if you have only recently committed your life to Christ, it is recommended that you first complete a Christian Basics course or its equivalent.


$22 per course - 1/2 price for spouses

Fees are due the first night of class. You may elect to use our deferred payment plan: one-half due the first night of class, one-half due the fourth night of class.

The price of textbooks, if required, is the responsibility of the student.

No refunds.


Graduation from the School of Ministry will be held at the end of each two-year cycle at a special service of the church.

Each graduate will receive a diploma of achievement plus special recognition by the pastoral staff and their local church congregation.

Fall 2018

Session I

8/27 - 10/1

6PM | Introduction to the Bible

7PM | The Devotional Life

8PM | Service in the Sanctuary

Session II

10/8 - 11/12

6PM | Bible Study Skills

7PM | The Cost of Discipleship

8PM | Lifestyle Evangelism

Session III

11/26 - 1/14

6PM | The Old Testament World

7PM | Building a Christlike Character

8PM | Guidelines for Follow-up

Spring 2019

Session IV

1/28 - 3/4

6PM | OT Survey I: Pentateuch

7PM | Ministry in the Home

8PM | Dynamics of Revival

Session V

3/11 - 4/22

6PM | OT Survey II: History

7PM | The Christian’s Warfare

8PM | Spiritual Gifts and Ministries

Session VI

4/29 - 6/3

6PM | OT Survey III: Poetry

7PM | Knowing God’s Will

8PM | Christian Stewardship

2018 - 2019 Core Curriculum


Bible Survey

  • OT Survey IV: Prophecy

  • The New Testament World

  • NT Survey I: Gospels

  • NT Survey II: Acts

  • NT Survey III: Epistles

  • NT Survey IV: Revelation

Ministry Skills

  • Communicating One-On-One

  • Leading Small Groups

  • Principles of Power Ministry

  • Foundations for Biblical Counseling

  • Effective Teaching Skills

  • Effective Preaching Skills

Leadership Core

  • Leadership I: Personal Characteristics

  • Leadership II: Practical Skills

  • Multiplying New Leaders

  • Church Growth 101: The Ministry Matrix

  • Church Planting Strategies

  • Six Keys to Success in Ministry


Bible Survey

  • Introduction to the Bible

  • Bible Study Skills

  • The Old Testament World

  • OT Survey I: Pentateuch

  • OT Survey II: History

  • OT Survey III: Poetry

Applied Discipleship

  • The Devotional Life

  • The Cost of Discipleship

  • Building a Christlike Character

  • Ministry in the Home

  • The Christian’s Warfare

  • Knowing God’s Will

Church Life

  • Service in the Sanctuary

  • Lifestyle Evangelism

  • Guidelines for Follow-up

  • Dynamics of Revival

  • Spiritual Gifts and Ministries

  • Christian Stewardship