Embassy House of Prayer

The prayer life of an individual and of the church says a lot about their view of the Lord. If we are careful to develop a precise theology and yet have an anemic prayer life, it may be that we have not really grasped with our hearts the truth that we are fully dependent upon God for all things. Christians must not only be “people of the book” who love and do what the Lord reveals in the Bible; we must also be “people of prayer” who depend on God for every good thing.

The heartbeat of EHOP is praying for the fulfillment of Jesus' prayers in John 17 and Psalm 133 and contending for the prophecies that have been spoken over the region to be fulfilled. We intercede with prayer for every aspect of our society and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit as we pray for the prophesied, soon coming revival and other regional issues that are highlighted by the Holy Spirit. Come together and join your hearts with ours as we raise a prayer shield over the local church, its leaders, and the family of God in the region.

All ages are welcome.

Soaking: 8am - 4pm - Sunday - Friday, Closed Saturday

Worship & Prayer: 7:00 - 8:30pm Thursday

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