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Here at Glad Tidings we have BIG dreams and visions for our children. We believe that every child has untapped supernatural potential we want to see God unlock!


Creative Light Theater

Creative Light Theater exists to provide a forum for the talents of writers, actors and technicians who want to use their talents to honor God by bringing life affirming dramas to the stage. Biblical stories, historical stories, and original plays have developed over the years through the use of music, dance, comedy, and drama.


Vanguard Youth Ministries

Vanguard Ministries is the Jr. High and High School ministry at the Church of Glad Tidings. Our goal is to provide a safe atmosphere for young people to grow in the Lord and in relationship with one another, as well as find their identity in Christ while pursuing their passions. We want to see God move in and through our youth, and will continue to pursue Him together with all our hearts.


Outreach Ministries

Our outreach ministries include trEd Dance, Community Impact, Yuba Sutter Marriage, and the missionaries we support.